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Come journey into the Sacred , reclaim  your Freedom, inspire your Future.
Let the Aloha and magic of Oahu take you there!

Magical Island Journeys & Retreats

E kipa mai (welcome) to the spectacular state of Hawaii and this island known as “the Gathering Place.” It is a fusion of cultures from East and West, rooted in the ancient values and traditions of the Native Hawaiian people.

Dr. Kala H. Kos, Founder of The Empowerment Academy, has chosen the unique energetic vortex of this island as home for the Spirit of Oahu journeys and retreats. They are designed for individuals ready to engage in transformation, empowerment, and healing.

This is a multifaceted experience BEYOND VACATION.

Are you longing to release self-imposed limits, out-dated beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors that cause you heart-ache? Are you ready to align with your infinite Spirit, open your Heart, and embrace the Miraculous…to step into your Highest Possibilities? Come, let the spiritual power of the wahi pana (sacred sites) and the guidance of the ancestors, speak to your soul and free you to vibrantly live your full potential.

Choose one, or all, of the four concentrated journeys that blend ancient teachings and shamanic inner quests with modern energy medicine. These were specifically created to be catalysts for expanding your mind and awakening your consciousness – so you can embody your true purpose and shape your life experience.

Each journey applies the power of symbolic rituals to
profoundly change your inner world – and with that, your outer reality. They will gently uncover and shift your core beliefs and ancestral blocks that keep you from whatever it is you seek to be, do, or have. 

Join us to access higher frequency energy patterns within your own being, as you journey into your True Self, supported by the spirit of Aloha (love), and lifted beyond your limits!

We welcome you, your family, friends, and groups, on the following adventures…

Ko'olina Journey

Transformational Pathway: AWARENESS
Your Journey on the West Shore at Ko’olina (Place of Joy) is designed to identify the energies and obstacles that keep you from your greatness. Experience a symbolic vision quest to “the under world,”  to recover lost power. At a secret beach, enjoyed by Hawaiian Kings and Queens, you will encounter 7 Inner Challenges. You will be guided to overcome them and ultimately retrieve your Power Object. Gain valuable clarity and transform past conditioning into personal power, as you shift your life experience from the inside out!

Penny 2
Penny Southam

“Kala is an amazing woman that I am so fortunate to have met. Her spiritual journeys are moving and magical. I had incredible insights and connection with my Spirit and the island, which made a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in my life.Later my two children, aged 14 and 17, joined me on Oahu and we did the Ko’olina Journey together. They were amazed to discover their inner obstacles and  receive their Power Object. It was so empowering, and it has stayed with us – even after returning to a cold Canadian winter. Kala is an inspiration! Such a loving heart. We can’t wait to return for more adventures with her!”

Transformational Pathway: FREEDOM
During this journey, you will visit a sacred mountain which holds astronomical and spiritual significance. Feel the Spirit of the mountain as you climb to the peak to show confidence,  commitment and perseverance. Arriving at the top, you present yourself and your truth to the world. You are guided to release the fears that have kept you trapped and to align with your infinite Spirit. As you return to the base of the mountain, you will find hidden petroglyph figures, abraded into the rocks, from 1300 AD. Experience nalu (peaceful joining) and receive spiritual guidance from the ancestors, that  supports your new life. 

West Shore Journey

Melina Craig
“Kala was a truly magical guide for those of us on an inner journey. Her guided meditations were deep and transformational, as were the moments we shared visiting sacred sites on Oahu. Her gentle, uplifting and joyful energy, made the experience UNFORGETTABLE!”

Central Oahu Journey

Transformational Pathway: FOCUS
This journey takes place at one of the most sacred locations on Oahu, which is considered the piko (navel) and spiritual center of the island. This is the place for “soul retrieval” and mending the “fragmented self” to birth your new dream into reality. Here we will call on the help of the Hawaiian ancestors and your own ancestors in order to release patterns from the family lineage that have been blocking your soul purpose and success.

Nancy Seeley – Video

“I’m very emotional and extremely peaceful and happy. I have found a piece of me that’s been missing and I feel that presence back in me again, as if it was never gone… I‘m just SO GRATEFUL for this beautiful place…and for your guidance today to help me RECLAIM that part of me!”

Transformational Pathway: PRESENCE
We will begin this spiritual journey at the largest heiau (ancient temple) on Oahu. Visit “the upper world” and release the misguided images of yourself that have kept you in doubt, confusion and discouragement. Access your High Self and step into the True You – confident, abundant, aligned with your Spiritual Power. Finally, we go makai (seaward) for a cleansing at the ocean. We will call on the honu (turtle), which is revered as a spirit guardian. It comes as the elusive green sea turtle. Tap into it’s ancient wisdom. Feel your connection with all things and your own limitless potential.

North Shore Journey

George K.

Kala has a deep love for Hawaii, its people and history, which invites very profound experiences. Her personality and her ‘glow’ made me feel safe and relaxed in her presence. My connection with the ancestors allowed me to easily get messages from my own Spirit, without being in meditation. That was a PHENOMENAL SHIFT for me. I highly recommend her transformational journeys!

Custom Spiritual Journey

There are many sacred spots on the island. If there’s another place you’re interested in, just let us know! We will tailor an inner journey selected for your chosen destination, to be a catalyst for your personal empowerment. Both the Main Journeys, Custom Journeys & Personalized Retreat include the following:

  • A 30-min Discovery Session by Phone or Skype
  • An island journal to record your experiences after each stage of a journey.
  • A short photo/video memento of our trip(s) together, as a keepsake.
  • A manual of 7 Ancient Manifestation Secrets, to guide you after departure.
  • Your addition into our spiritual ohana (family) group.

Spirit of Oahu

Enjoy a special Customized Package created especially for you or your group. Together we will design an itinerary with vortex journeys, breakthrough sessions, and island activities, that support and enhance your personal expansion. All of the planning and arrangements will be taken care of for you. Immerse yourself in all the beauty and adventure the island has to offer.

Personal Inner Journeys are for you if you yearn to BREAK FREE from the struggle, resistance, and repelling energy of old beliefs that have kept you small and unfulfilled. Dr. Kala’s unique in-depth method, known as Subconscious Success Repatterning, will help you EXPAND into your greatest life. Through this process you can receive, accept and allow your higher vibration to attract what you desire – whether that is love, health, prosperity, or more peace and joy. Let this be YOUR time to leave behind the trap of your old conditioning and step into an empowered, creative, confident, and happy YOU! Distant Sessions available by Phone, Skype, or Zoom. Or in  a Personal Retreat. By Interview.

Personal Journeys

Lori Taeger Dubetz – Audio

“Kala, you have changed my life 360 degrees! I’ve doubled my income in my practice and have since increased my business 400%! I’m ending with the RETREAT OF MY LIFETIME here in Hawaii, with a business and transformational retreat. So, I just want to give you my heart-felt thank you for such an AMAZING WEEK and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Watch this Video & Feel the Magic!

Mystical Magical Hawaii

Oahu is home to one of the most famous landmarks in the world: Diamond Head. The magnificent presence of this volcanic crater and the mystical legends that link the region with the Lost Continent of Mu (Lemeuria), make it one of the most magnetic places on the planet!

There are two guides on the journeys – Dr. Kala and the island itself. Allow the splendors of nature to reconnect you with what matters most, as you participate in shifting your life experience.

At your chosen site, you will be guided to drop into a vibration of relaxation and safety. The ritual processes will help you feel the deeper intelligence of your own body – how it is interconnected with the earth and the nature spirits.

As the shadows and illusions that block your inner light are dispelled, you tap into your authentic self and realize deeper states of awareness. You open to more peace, presence, prosperity, and certainty of your unlimited Self. You naturally exude a loving presence and help lift the vibration on the planet!

 Tune in to the longing of your heart and choose the journey that speaks to you… 

Meet Dr. Kala...Your Spirit of Oahu Guide

As a Doctor of Psychology and CEO of the Empowerment Academy, Kala H. Kos has helped thousands of people globally to increase their incomes, success, and personal power, by transforming their subconscious beliefs. Dr. Kos specializes in Mindset Mastery & Life Transformation, through a rare fusion of ancient and modern, traditional and scientific methods. 

Decades ago, after curing herself of an ‘incurable’ disease, Kala began a quest to discover the secrets of bringing intention into reality. She was led to a beautiful Hawaiian island and an age-old science of success and happiness.

Dr. Kala’s teachings, books, and healings over the past 33 years, have been based on Energy Medicine modalities, plus a wide array of practice with Na Kumu (teachers) and Kahunas (masters), for whom she has great reverence. She has been blessed to learn:

~ Kahi Loa (Light Healing Touch) from Serge Kahili King;
~ Uli honua (Hawaiian Geomancy) from Abraham Kawai;
~ Mele (songs) and Hula (dance) through Kawaikapuokalani Loea Lehua Hewett under Susan Pa’iniu Floyd;
~ Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian Massage) from Susan Pa’iniu Floyd
~ The symbols of the Kumu’lipo ( Creation Chant) from Ed Kaiwi;
~ Ho‘opa (Healing), Pili kūpono loa (Hawaiian Mythology), Kupua (Hawaiian Shamanism) & Huna (Polynesian Philosophy & Practice) from her mentor, Serge Kahili King.

Dr. Kala is Hawaii’s only Transformational Guide who offers these specialized breakthrough processes on-site.  She is honored to be an Alakai Leader/Minister) with Aloha International since 1991. Dr Kala believes in giving back to the community by helping to feed Oahu’s homeless and supporting Habitat for Humanity’s construction of homes for Native Hawaiians.

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“This is about discovering the free-flowing abundance of your True Nature. It’s about getting in touch with how powerful you really are and partnering with that unlimited part of you.”
  ~ Dr. Kala H. Kos

Disclaimer: There are no drugs used or encouraged around the Spirit of Oahu journeys and retreats. The teachings and processes are made available with the understanding that the guide(s) are not engaged in pre­senting anything intended to be a diagnosis, prescription, recommendation, or cure for any specific kind of medi­cal, psychological, emotional, sexual, or spiritual problem. Each person is accountable for his/her own experience and results.