A virtual gathering where we focus our collective energies
for the healing benefit of ourselves, others, and the planet.

What is the Manifesting Circle?

It is a monthly virtual gathering – created by Dr. Kala H. Kos on the island of Oahu – where global healers, light workers, empaths & change makers, focus their collective energies for the benefit of people, places and things that are in need of assistance. It is especially potent at this extraordinary time of world-wide upheaval and uncertainty.

Come place your request in the VIRTUAL BASKET for manifestations and healings, for yourself, loved ones, colleagues, strangers, the planet. Let the Power of Aloha uplift and support you! More than ever we are feeling our interdependence and connection as a human family. As we stay centered, calm, clear, and relaxed, we do the greatest good for our own bodies and for everything and everyone around us.

Manifestation requests range from healings to peace of mind, financial security, safety, companionship, career advancement…whatever is desired. The requests come from around the world and they are held in a loving consciousness with intention and purpose for 30 days. 

We create a collective shift to expand our focus into the field of all possibilities, where extraordinary outcomes can occur. We will be sharing with you stories of little and big successes, as time permits. Let us put our powerful energies together into the shared dreams of all for greater health, happiness, security, and success! 

Request a Manifestation

The ancient Eye of Kanaloa symbol below is connected through intention to our manifestation circle, bringing our dreams together for energetic magnetizing. This symbol radiates a harmonious energy that increases good fortune. It will harmonize the physical, emotional and mental energies of a room or location. Printing it out and placing it in a room will bring harmony and good energy into that space. 

It represents the Aka Web, or The Web of Life, the symbolic connection of all things to each other, and the star at the center is the spider/shaman, or the individual who is aware of being the weaver of his or her own life, a Dreamweaver.

To make your Manifesting Request – or to join the global healers giving assistance – fill in the form below and send us a message. We will confirm receiving it and send you the information to participate in the group gathering. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!) for your trust and faith.

Place your request now!

Complete the form below to send us a message. As you make your request think of a quality such as Peace, Love, Strength, Harmony or Abundance, along with an image – if you like. Place your desired outcome in the message space provided.

We will focus our collective energies once a month in the Manifesting Circle held online with a dedicated group of healers, light workers, empaths & change makers. Join us to add your healing energy within the circle or to receive energy for the activation of your desire. The requests in the Virtual Basket will be honored in the group consciousness for 30 days. You will receive an email message at the end of that time period and can then choose whether to resubmit another request for yourself or others.

Place your request in the message box below. Details for the date and time of the gathering will be sent to you

It is our intention to help you increase the love, health. happiness and abundance in your life. By entering your information here you are giving Dr.Kala H. Kos permission to connect with you by email. You may unsubscribe at any time. We respect your privacy. Your information will never be given or sold to anyone.

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For access to the Eye of the Kanaloa here, simply right click on the symbol, then save it to your computer.

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used with permission of Dr. Serge Kahili King.

Meet Dr. Kala...Your Manifesting Circle Guide

After curing herself of an ‘incurable’ disease, several decades ago,
Kala H. Kos began a quest to discover the secrets of bringing intention into reality. Kala was led to a beautiful Hawaiian island and an age-old science of success, health, and happiness. She was fortunate to be trained
in this ancient wisdom tradition.

Today, as a Doctor of Psychology, CEO of the Empowerment Academy, and Spiritual Teacher/Healer, Kala has helped thousands of people globally to increase their influence, incomes, and personal power, by transforming their subconscious beliefs and behaviors. She specializes
in Mindset & Manifestation Mastery plus Life Transformation, through a rare fusion of ancient and modern, traditional and scientific methods. 

Dr. Kala’s teachings, books, and healings over the past 34 years, have been based on Energy Medicine modalities, plus a wide array of practice with Na Kumu (teachers) and Kahunas (masters), for whom she has great reverence.  She is honored to be an Alakai Leader/Minister) with Aloha International, founded by Dr. Serge Kahili King, since 1991.

Dr. Kala’s acclaimed book, The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success, outlines in step-by-step detail the secrets used by Masters for over 3000 years to bring invisible desires into visible reality. It is available for purchase at: